Netflix Premium 4 Screen | 1 Month + 10 Days Bonus – Private Account


Netflix and chill | Read description for more details


Delivery Time & Method:

  • Up to 6 Hour, delivery by Email


Netflix Susbscription Price in Nepal:


  • Can I change Password? Yes you can.
  • Can I change Email? No, It highly recommended not to change email.
  • Can I Share account with my friends? Yes, But don’t keep Switching Account between Friends that may lead to Account Ban.
  • What if I get any problem with account before Validity Period? There will be no problem and even if you get any problem contact Us.


Some extra Details: 

  • Account Type: Private
  • Subscription Plan: 1 Month + 10 Days Bonus Premium with 4 Screen-Ultra HD

What you will get?

  • Netflix ID and Password



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