Netflix Gift Card 75 TL (42 Days) – Instant Delivery


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Netflix Gift Card 75 TL (42 Days) – Instant Delivery

  • What dose 75TL Mean? It’s a Turkey Netflix Gift Card and TL is Turkey Currency
  • So Can we use Turkey Currency Gift Card in Nepal? Yes, You can but you have to use VPN while Redeeming this gift code.
  • Which VPN is Recommended? We will recommend you to use windscribe or you can use any good VPN with Turkey Server.
  • So should we have to keep using VPN whenever we want to watch Netflix? No, VPN is only needed to redeem gift code and create account. After that you use Netflix anywhere without VPN
  • What if we are not able to redeem the gift code due to (lack of tech knowledge) or if we just feel like process is too complicated? To simplify this, We have create a tutorial video and that is available below please watch that.


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