Chas App – International Virtual Visa Card

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Can be used for Most of the International Payment.


Delivery Time & Method:

  • Up to 4 Hour, delivery by Email

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Chas App – International Virtual Visa Card :



  • How long it will take to deliver Card? It’s a virtual card, So it will not take longer than 4 Hr.
  • Is this card will be registered on our Name? No, It’s a US based Card and US details will be Used to make this card.
  • What are the Documents required for this card? No Document is required as Card will be created using someone else details.
  • How safe it is? to use card with someone else Name/Details? Until Card Company don’t ask for Document Verification, there will be no problem.
  • When it can ask for document verification? In most case if card is being used for specious activity or maybe any time.
  • Is there any Guarantee/Warranty, if we get any problem with Card in Future? No, But We will provide our full support to resolve the problem.
  • How to Load Money on this Card? You have to find the Chase App Balance seller.
  • Where can I Find Cash App Balance seller? You can search for “Cash App Balance seller in Nepal” on Facebook and you will find many Page and Groups but that can be risky so only deal with trusted seller. 
  • Can you recommend any trusted seller? Yes, just go to and Search for Chas App Balance


What you will get ?

  • Chas App Login ID & Password (Card Details will be inside the Wallet)
  • Textnow Login as gmail  (for USA Mobile number)
  • Gmail ID & Password ( Registered to Wallet & Textnow )

Note: Please watch the full video available below, Before purchasing this card.

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