How to Redeem iTunes Gift Card in Nepal

Before getting into “How to redeem iTunes Gift Card in Nepal”. Let’s talk a bit about iTunes Gift Card. 

An iTunes Gift Card is a Pre-Purchased Credit for the Apple App Store or Apple Digital Services.  In Nepal, it’s difficult to make International payments through Nepali Bank Card. So, the Gift card is a really good method to make payments on App Store. 

But it’s not so simple to redeem an iTunes Gift card in Nepal, as Apple doesn’t have any Nepali Currency Specific Gift Card. So we need to take some extra steps to redeem iTunes Gift Card in Nepal

First, You Need to Purchase iTunes Gift Card in Nepal. You can purchase an iTunes gift card in Nepal with Instant Delivery

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Here in this guide, You will understand the step by step process to redeem an iTunes gift card in Nepal.

How to redeem iTunes Gift Card in Nepal?

how to redeem itunes gift card in Nepal
How to redeem iTunes Gift Card in Nepal
  • Launch App Store on your iPhone
  • Click on the profile icon and then click on your ID/Name
  • Go to Manage Payments and check your Billing Address
  • If the billing address and gift card currency you have is matching then you are ready to redeem the gift code.
  • Just get back to the App Store and click on profile and then click on “Redeem Gift Card or Code”
  • Enter you gift code and click on redeem.
  • It’s done, Now you can use App Store balance to make purchases.

Note: In case, if your gift card currency and billing County is not matching. You have to change the billing country.

How to change billing county on App Store?

change apple app store location
How to change Billing Country in Apple App Store
  • Launch App Store on your iPhone
  • Click on the Profile Icon and tap on your ID/Name
  • Click on County/Region and then click on Change County or Region
  • Select the County matching with your gift card currency
  • Agree the “Term and Conditions”
  • Select Payment Method as “None”
  • Provide the Billing address of the country you have selected
  • You can use any address of that county if you don’t have any specific address
  • Like you can Google and find any random address of that county.
  • Once you have provided the billing address, Click on Done.
  • Now follow the steps mentioned above in “How to redeem iTunes Gift Card in Nepal?”

Note: If you are not able to change the county of your existing Apple ID, You create a new Apple Id with billing county matching your gift card currency.

If you need a video guide, Follow the below-mentioned video

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