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5 Online Free Premium Course You Can Take During this Lockdown to Improve your Skills

Hello everyone,

Yes it’s a hard time for all of us and everywhere in the world, negativity is spreading at high speed but it’s our responsibility to keep calm and improve ourself to make this world better place to live.

And the only way to improve ourself is to improve our skill. So during this lockdown you can take same free premium online course. Currently due to this corona crisis, Many institution and organization are providing their Premium course for free.

Here, I am going to list 5 course from them, which you can take during this lockdown.

1. Learn Photography Course by Nikon

Free Photography Course by Nikon

We all know Nikon as one of the most famous Camera Company, and definitely they have great experience about the photography. Now it’s time for you to learn Photography from Nikon Professionals

Nikon School Online is offering up its entire photography course for free during the entire month of April. Both amateurs and Professionals, can choose from a variety and lean from Nikon ambassadors and Nikon School instructors.

To Enroll for this course Click Here.

2. Digital Marketing Course by Google with Certification.

Digital marketing Course by Google

Who don’t know google, Yes Google is providing Free Digital Marketing Course with Certification. If you are in Digital Marketing space then you must enroll for this course. After competition of the course you will also get certification from Google and trust me that will be little signing star on your CV.

To Enroll for this Course Click Here.

3. Web dev./ WordPress/Excel etc. Course by Udemy

Free Course by Udemy

When it’s come about online course, Udemy is one of popular platform for online courses. Usually Udemy sell their each course on average price of 10 $ to 15$ but currently Udemy is providing 714 Course for totally free.

There are deferent course from deferent category, I hope you will definitely fine one, which you are interested in.

To Enroll for this Course Click Here.

4. Marketing / Blogging for Business Course by Ahrefs

Free Course by Ahrefs

If you are someone from Blogging / SEO space then you must be know about Ahrefs. Yes, Ahrefs is providing their 2 premium course for free currently. Itself Ahrefs is one of the most expensive tool in SEO space and like wise their course too. But now it’s a golden opportunity to grab those course for free.

To Enroll for this Course Click Here.

5. Programming / Designing / Editing etc Course by Skill Share

Free Skill Share Account

Skill Share one of the best online educational/Course platform to improve your skill. On skill share you can find deferent category of Course, as you can see Course Category in above image.

Skill Share provide 2 month free trail and get you the access to all the course listed on their platform but to get that 2 Month free trail you need to have an International Debit/Credit card.

But no worries, here we are to help you. If you are interested to get Skill Share Account. We have a promo code for you, First 11 User can use that promo code and get Skill Share Account for 2 Month absolutely Free.

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Request: If you know about any free course other than listed here, Please do let us know in the comment section below. That will be really helpful for all the users 🙂

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